WEEKLY RECAP: gymshark try-on, garage gym hiit, barre sculpt workout + gentle beginners yoga!

Hi friends! Here’s a quick round-up and recap my 2 most recent YouTube videos! In this post, you’ll find a breakdown of the video/workout, a link to follow my free workouts AND links to my favorite gear from each video!

10-Minute Gentle Yoga for Beginners

Gymshark Try-On PLUS 10-min. (no equipment) HIIT Workout

25-min. Barre (less) Sculpt Workout

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Wake-up or wind-down with this 10-minute gentle and restorative yoga flow suitable for beginners and all levels. Let’s practice breath, presence and invite calmness to release stress, tension and anxiety. Take in the beautiful mountain scenery from The Toasted Marshmallow cabin located in Blue Ridge, GA. PS- MENTION “TOASTY FIGS” WHEN BOOKING ON AIR BNB FOR A DISCOUNT! Check out my full recap of our trip here.

So is gymshark really worth the hype and money? In this video you’ll get my first look at 3 popular gymshark items and we will put them to the test in a 10-minute HIIT workout in my garage gym! In this no equipment HIIT workout, we will get that high-intensity full body workout that is perfect for a midday energy boost and can even serve as a warm-up before a strength training workout (I used it as a warm up before squats).

In this Barre (less) Sculpt workout, you can expect to warm up the body with some sun breaths, plank and core work, a light weight – high-rep arm series to target the biceps and shoulders and mild HIIT bursts. We will then move into the lower body with a quad and butt workout using the booty band. We will wrap up this at-home barre workout with a quick ab burnout and stretching to cool down! Get ready for a quick burn out!!!

PS-If you’re local to the Golden Isles, you can join me for in-person barre classes at Omcore Yoga + Body on Saint Simons Island – Mondays 8:15 am and Thursdays 9:30 am!








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