Welcome to Grace Grown Farm and Homestead

Here on our 14-acre modern homestead, we are learning to raise livestock – chickens, ducks and -coming soon- goats, grow a fruit garden, compost, bake sourdough and learn more traditional + sustainable methods of living. We believe in using permaculture principles, supporting local and small bussinesses + farms, loving Jesus and raising free range kids.

We are not experts in any of this but we love learning and sharing our journey as we grow – we hope you’ll follow along our journey as we share this beautiful life we’re building.

Lisa Fortney Photography

What is modern homesteading?

An excerpt from Jess Sowards book, The First Time Homesteader:

Modern Homesteading (verb): The act of living lightly on the land, of seeking sustainability and of growing food in a modern world. Involved in this lifestyle are conscious consumption, awareness of the partnership between humanity and the earth, a reverence for the beauty of life, the embracing of a slower pace, and a desire to eat well and steward well.

-Jessica Sowards, Roots and Refuge Farm

The start to our homestead journey:

The most recent homestead tour here:

The most recent fruit garden tour here: