Building Our HOMESTEAD in Georgia | Grace Grown Farm

Building Our HOMESTEAD in Georgia | Grace Grown Farm
Photo By Lisa Fortney Photography

Here is the start to building our homestead in Georgia. In December of 2021, we sold most of our things to buy a tiny 660-square-foot house on 14 acres in Camden County, Georgia. Our goals with the homestead include; COMPOSTING, RAISING CHICKENS, GARDENING, SOURDOUGH and so much more. We want to grow our own food, utilize the land the Lord has given us to be less dependent on the system, and ultimately put energy back into this planet through small steps of regenerative permaculture. Keep in mind that we’re just two kids who grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta learning to farm as we grow. We hope you’ll learn how to homestead in Georgia with us!

If you’re not following along on YouTube or Instagram, let’s get you up to date from where it started to where we are now (December-March)

The Start to Our MINI HOMESTEAD | We’re Buying a 660 SqFt House on 14 Acres

This video is the start to our journey – from seeing the land for the first time, to packing, planning and inspection and appraisal day during the home-buying process (lucky for Patrick, I was the Realtor on our transaction).

The very beginning…. BEFORE we moved… the buying process!

The Start To Our MINI HOMESTEAD Part 2 | Buying a TINY house on 14 Acres

We’re downsizing from a 1,350 SqFt townhome with ZERO yard to a 660 SqFt tiny home on 14 acres. This video is part 2 of the purging, packing, buying + MOVING process!

Final prep and MOVE-IN Day!

Clearing Land, Composting + Winter Garden

This video is week one of setting up our “sorta” homestead, including clearing the land, VIVOSUN compost tumbler bin, sourdough starter, putting together the winter lettuce and herb garden (zone 9a) and more!


Vivosun Compost Bin:

Women’s Work Gloves:


Raised Garden Bed:

14-Acre Property Tour, chicken coop plans + Making Bone Broth

This week on the homestead we’re showing the progress of clearing the chicken coop spot, talking about future home plans (BARNDOMINIUM BUILD), making beef bone broth, releasing live ladybugs and more!



Bringing CHICKENS home to the HOMESTEAD

On this homestead update, we’re putting together a 10ft x 8ft storage shed, staining the front porch, planting a lemon tree, demo on the old barn, putting together the chicken coop AND bringing the hens home!


Arrow 10ft x 8ft storage shed:

Chicken Coop Dog Kennel:

Expansion to make it 10 x 10:


Planting BLUEBERRY bushes on our Georgia HOMESTEAD | ZONE 9A

Apparently, Rabbit Eye Blueberry bushes are native to Georgia and grow extremely well in zone 9a so we’re giving them a try. PLUS, Char (my little one) can eat her weight in blueberries. Our focus when planting the garden is to grow what we eat the most of so that we do not have to buy those things from the store. I hope you enjoy this beginner gardening video of how to plant blueberry bushes in Georgia – zone 9A. And, planting seed mix for a wildflower pollinator patch. Too bad I think the intense storms the days following this video washed those seeds away. Time will tell!! Keep in mind, I am a beginner gardener and we are learning as we grow…. that’s the fun of homesteading! I simply wish to share our journey and learning experience – even if that includes failures!




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