Relocating to Saint Simons Island? 5 Tips for buying a LUXURY Home

What Is a “Luxury Home” on Saint Simons Island?

Luxury homes are generally described as those in the top 10% of their market. Luxury homes are usually located in the most optimal areas in a market, are large in size, and built with high-end materials. Luxury homes often have unique design elements and amenities not found in most homes. Want an indoor shooting range, a rock-climbing wall, a ballroom, or a bowling alley? A luxury home might have one of these– or all of them!

If you have not purchased in the luxury market before, you should be aware that the process can be very different from buying a standard single-family home. Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through the luxury home market.

5 Tips for buying a LUXURY Home on Saint Simons Island

1) Be patient. Shopping for a luxury home may take longer than average. For one, there are not as many of them, which, of course, is what makes them special. Since many luxury homes have décor or features that are distinctive, quirky or eccentric, finding one that fits your style may take a little while. The closing process may also take longer as there is more to inspect, more to negotiate on, and often special circumstances to be worked out. Make sure you are getting what you want. When you are investing millions of dollars in a home, you want to make sure you don’t settle.

2) Know where to look. Luxury homeowners, particularly if they are high-profile people in their area, often don’t want their home pictured on MLS. You may need to network with people in your desired area to find out what homes are being offered. Look online for luxury home sales websites such as or

3) Check for possible planned development. Don’t assume that the lovely pond or wooded park behind the property will always be there. Make sure you know of any development plans that may affect your view, the amenities around the property, and the future resale value. You don’t want to buy a home for its beautiful ocean views only to find out another property will be built in the way.

4) Consult with your financial advisors. Make sure you qualify for the purchase amount you are thinking about. Luxury home sellers will often want to see proof that you qualify to purchase their home before they even allow a showing. If you do get a showing, you will certainly need to have your financial preparations done before you contemplate an offer. Everything is scrutinized more closely in the luxury price range. You should also make yourself aware of all the financing options available to you.

5) Work with an experienced luxury home agent. The right agent knows all of these tips and more. We are knowledgeable in the high-end neighborhoods in our market area and understand the intricacies of negotiating and closing on luxury homes. Are you ready to purchase a luxury home? I’m available and ready to help you in your search!

The King + Prince

Luxury Communities on Saint Simons Island

In 2019, St. Simons Island was ranked #3 on Conde Nast Travelers “The Best U.S. Islands: Reader’s Choice Awards.” In 2014, St. Simons Island was voted America’s #1 Favorite Romantic Town as well as America’s #1 Favorite Beach Town by Travel + Leisure Magazine. 

St. Simons Island, GA is home to fabulous beachesgolfingcharter fishingspas and salons, and a variety of restaurants, fun events and entertainment for everyone. The unspoiled beauty of St. Simons and its distinctively charming beach lifestyle that is unhurried and under-developed are what make it so special. Come see what the rest of the country is so excited about, and welcome to the best of the Island lifestyle!

Full of history and Southern charm, St. Simons Island boasts beautiful live Southern Oaks draped with Spanish moss that give the island a unique sense of time and place, unlike any other. It’s no wonder St. Simons Island was recently voted among the most romantic destinations in the U.S., and one visit is all you’ll need to fall in love with Georgia’s Golden Isles

Kings Terrace

Harrison Pointe

Blank Banks

Golf Retreat

Hamilton Landing

Hawkins Island

Island Club

Kings Point

Lake Cottages

Old Seaside

Luxury Communities on Sea Island

The only resort in the world to achieve four Forbes Five Stars 14 years in a row.

But we’re so much more than that.

We’re history and tradition. Special tomorrows, cherished holidays, and sharing experiences old and new. We’re s’mores by the fire, long days at the beach, laughs around the table.
Discovering the delights of an expansive coastal setting. We’re your fondest memories and your dreams of next time. We’re a championship golf club, beach resort, romantic getaway. A family escape, a relaxing retreat, an uncommon gathering place.

We’re tucked away on the southeastern coast of Georgia, with five miles of private beach and a lush natural world to explore. An exceptional destination fueled by gracious service and heartfelt hospitality since 1928.

A private island with open arms. The place you dream of, where you long to go. Where you belong.

Beach Club Garden Residences

Beach Club Ocean Residences

Beach Club Suites

Black Banks River Residences

Cloister Cottages

Cottage Colony

Ocean Club Residences

Ocean Forrest

River Club

The Cloister Ocean Residences

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