How To Sell Your House in Brunswick, Georgia!

If you’re looking to sell your home in Brunswick, Georgia (or anywhere), NOW IS THE TIME. Chances are high that you have a lot of equity in your home, so if a little extra cash could benefit you, what are you waiting for? Selling your home isn’t just business, it’s personal and it can be stressful. But with the right agent, you will be guided through the process so well that you can actually enjoy your last bit of time in your home and continue to create memories.

Oh, and don’t leave before youcheck out my free home staging checklist at the bottom! 🙂

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3 Tips for Getting Your Home MARKET READY in Brunswick, GA!

1. Hire a real estate agent (yes, you can sell it “for sale by owner,” but when you decide to use an agent – ask this important question!)

2. Minor updates (your agent can help you decipher what is necessary based on the condition of the market and the condition of your home.)

3. Depersonalize + declutter (bitter-sweet, I know!)

If you have specific questions on the selling process, feel free to reach out. You can also get a free home valuation here, or I can send you a more detailed report of your home’s worth, what homes around you are selling for and so much more!

seller’s roadmap + process

Check out this seller’s roadmap for a little insight on the selling process. This is something I go over in more detail with all my sellers during our inital consultation, but this will give you a quick run down of how it goes! PS- don’t let the word consultation scare you… it’s literally talking all about your home, the process and what it’s like working with me over coffee 🙂

free home staging checklist

If the thought of selling your home is overwhelming, know that I am here to help. No really, it’s my job. No question is dumb. But, as a free gift to you, here’s my FREE home staging checklist – I give this to all my clients during our consultation and highlight the mains ones for them to focus on. Enjoy!

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