Pumpkin Oat Cups

I feel like I hopped on the pumpkin recipe train a lot earlier this year, but I am not mad about it…and I hope y’all aren’t either! 😍

With only 6 ingredients, these pumpkin oat cups are perfect for any time of day. Not only are they a great grab-n-go breakfast but they also work wonders in satisfying my sweet tooth without getting my blood sugar all jacked up!

Personally, I like to throw all the ingredients in my kitchen aid mixer and let it do the work, but, you can totally mix it by hand! If so, just mash the bananas with a fork before adding all the other ingredients!

My kitchen items picks:

Muffin/cupcake pan

Reusable cupcake liners

Kitchen aid mixer

Not much else to say besides I love fall and here’s THE RECIPE 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Happy baking! Don’t forget to tag me, @figsandfreedom when you make these. I love seeing your photos!


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