Garage CrossFit Plan 6.16-6.21

Happy Happy Monday!

If you’ve patiently been waiting for this post, THANK YOU! We had a fun Father’s Day weekend and I chose to spend some time away from my phone which is why I am posting my workout plan late. I had every intention of posting it this morning but the 15-month old toddler that runs my life had other plans. You feel me mama’s? 🤦🏻‍♀️

So, without further ado…

Stay tuned for Wednesday as I will post a video of my booty band workout for Thursday over on Instagram!

I normally try to fit in 3 CrossFit style/HIIT w/weights, 1 active recovery day, 2 yoga classes (in addition to impromptu ones I do at home), and one completely rest day. Sometimes my schedule gets all messed up and I end up switching the days around or having more than one rest day, but y’all, my body has been responding SO well to the combination of CrossFit and yoga!

I share my workout plan each week not to say that this is the best plan, as I have no formal training in putting workout plans together. I share it in hopes to encourage and inspire you to take bits and pieces that you feel will fit into your everyday life. This is what works for me but I know it’s not what works for everyone!

Anywho, I’m excited to share my booty band workout on Wednesday since I got such great feedback last time 🍑


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