Fit4Mom: Stroller Strides Review

First, let me start by saying I was not asked to write this review and it is not sponsored in any way. I am writing this to give my honest opinion in hopes to inform others looking for what Fit4Mom has to offer!

Fit4Mom is a community of women who gather together to workout–usually at a local park. These women come in all shapes, sizes + even different stages of motherhood. Fit4Mom promotes and encourages mamas to come as you are!

The different class options vary based on your location franchise but the 3 most common are Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, HIIT it mama + Body Back. The group also offers free playgroups + crafts after some of the classes!

Your first class with Fit4Mom is FREE then I believe it is $18/class or you can choose packages which makes it a little cheaper! I chose a 9:30 Stroller Strides class which took place at Neptune Park on Saint Simons Island–here we have access to the entire park and pier (hello pretty water views 🙌🏼).

Immediately upon arriving I was approached and welcomed by the instructor who also had her littles in a stroller! She proceeded to introduce to me to every mama that came to the class which was such a nice touch + very welcoming.

We started with some stretching and also went around the circle and told a little bit about ourselves. She then explained the format of the class so that I would have an understanding of what to expect.

Here’s a brief overview of how the class went down after stretching + introductions:

Think of this workout as circuit training with different “stations” around the park. You run or walk with your stroller to each destination and then perform a few body weight or resistance band movements. My instructor provided all of the resistance bands for the class as well as told the movement and the amount of reps. We did movements like banded squats, walking lunges, park bench dips, partner push ups, resistance band presses, etc!

We chit chat during the workout but also count with the kiddos, sing songs, etc! The instructor is doing the workout with you but is also aware of your little and will help out if they’re getting a little fussy. After we go through all of the “stations,” we end in a shady spot for some core work + stretching. At this point your instructor offers you to let your little out to play since that is our last stop. Char loved helping me stretch at the end of class. She’s my little copy cat 🤗

I loved all of the movements and actually felt like a got a great workout not to mention some great community with other mamas! Char did really well in the stroller the whole time because we were moving around and also singing and counting!

We will definitely be back to enjoy another class together!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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