Garage CrossFit Workout Plan 5.19-5.25

Hello + Happy Sunday! No Sunday scaries here because I’ve got a week full of workouts planned and ready to be crushed! Over these past 3 weeks of planning my workouts + getting up early, I have found that…

1. It’s so much easier to get up early when my workouts are already planned out

2. I actually enjoy getting up before my little–it gives me time to focus on myself and actually wake up before jumping right into mommy mode

3. I’m more productive throughout the day–thank you amazing endorphins!

So, here is this upcoming week’s workout plan…

Workout plan 5.19-5.25

So let’s break down the format of Tuesday’s Metcon: 21-15-9. You’ll see this in a lot of my workout formats and if you’re not familiar with CrossFit, you might be a little confused.



Box Jumps

Kettlebell Swings

It’s actually really simple. You will complete 21 deadlifts, 21 box jumps, 21 kb swings, 15 deadlifts, 15 box jumps, 15 kb swings, 9 deadlifts, 9 box jumps + 9 kb swings. Along with all metcons, this is meant to be done at a fast pace with minimal rest. Of course, listening to your body and maintaining proper form is KEY + way more important than your time. With those 2 in mind, you do want to push yourself a little–your mind will want to quit before your body.

As usual, if you have any questions with the workouts please reach out to me 🙂 Also, go grab a sneak peak video of Friday’s workout on Insta–I tested it out last week!



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